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🌹New Pioneers/ Old Pioneers/Beginners📌

1. What Is Pi|Get Invitation Code 👉 Visit This Link
2. Step By Step In Creating The Pi Wallet 👉 Visit This Link
3. Step 3 – Confirm Your Wallet Following Confirm Your Pi Wallet👉- Visit This Link
4. Step 4 – Commit to lockup configuration 👉 Visit This Link
5. KYC Process – When And How Long To Wait 👉 Visit This Link
6. KYC Validation Process – Submit Your KYC Application 👉 Visit This Link

🔥PCM Is An E-commerce Platform On the Pi network To Serve Both Sellers And Buyers Worldwide 👉 Visit This Link
🔥Pi Consensus Price 👉 Visit This Link
🔥When Is The Date For Open Mainnet 👉 Visit This Link
🔥KYC Issues👉 Visit This Link
  1. Sorry, we’ve reached the current participation limit
  2. We Have Reached The Current Participation Limit
  3. Get Ready For Liveness Check
  4. Review In Progress
Pi Chainment Mall – PCM Is An E-commerce Platform On the Pi network To Serve Both Sellers And Buyers Worldwide => Post Here! BECOME AN AMBASSADOR FOR PICHAINMALL(PCM)
Try this for existing PI PioneersThe PCM is an E-Commerce (Online Trading) platform where we can shop/exchange services & goods with the Pi we are currently mining. To access it, please do this, and follow the following instructions carefully.

  1. Open Pi Network app
    At the top left corner, Tab on the 3 lines menu.
  2. Tab on Pi Browser
  3. Tab on Brainstorm.pi
  4. Click “CONTINUE “ at the bottom.
  5. Click OK or Close the “x” popup
  6. Tab on PI CHAIN MALL(Scroll down)
  7. Tab on Read more
  8. Tab on the website link: www.pichainmall.com
  9. Tab on Account at the bottom right
  10. Tab “Medals” icon
  11. Tab on the Ambassador tab
  12. Enter invitation code
    Malpro and submit

Sharing is Caring!

PiPet is the first Pet-Cultive game project based on the world’s most accessible blockchain-based ecosystem, Pi Network.


=> I am sending you 1 Pet! To quickly claim it,

Open your pi browser, copy or type https://www.pipet.me
to the web bar on top. Press enter.
1. Click log in
2. Click me button at the lower right corner
3. Enter your invitational code: 239309
4. Click sign in… sign in to claim your pipet coin.
5. Click my pets to get your first pipet after you have 100 pets. You can see the number of pets on the top left.

To get more pipet, remember to sign in daily & click the sign in daily.

Pls don’t sell your Generation O pets; it’s going to get expensive after the pipet tests

PiPet invite code: 239309

pet #pipet #pi #network #pichainmall

What is Pi eCard?

Pi eCard is the easy POS (Point of Sale) system for the Pi Network, enabling in-person vendors and Pioneers to invoice others without the need to type in long public keys. The status of the payment can be seen at any stage by both the vendor and the client for clarity and peace of mind.


To get your link for the invitation,

  1. Open your pi browser, copy or type
    to the web bar on top. Press enter.
    a) Replace the [dot] with the real.
    b) Delete the space before www
  2. Click ALLOW
  3. Click on the 3 lines menu on the bottom right
  4. Click on Refer user
  5. Done!

Share and receive Pi for every new signup via this link(inside Refer user). The user must use this link inside the Pi Browser and not already have an account to receive the reward. You and the new user will receive the Pi reward, which will be added to your Pi eCard balance.

#pi #piecard #pos #account #invoice #pay

Pi Cryptocurrency is Currently Not for Sale

Remember that Pi is mined free on the mobile app through contributions to the ecosystem, but it is currently NOT for sale. Pi Network is NOT running an ICO or any type of crowdfunding sales of Pi coins.

Pi Network is NOT affiliated with anyone or any organization claiming to sell or create Pi (sometimes referred to as ‘Pi Coin’ or ‘PiCoin’ by Pioneers), Pi futures, Pi NFTs, Pi airdrops, or any other derivatives of Pi. All such sales are unauthorized and may lead to your loss of money or personal data. Pi is currently not on any trading or futures exchanges or traded for other currencies/cryptocurrencies, including any decentralized exchanges.

Pi transactions are too fast. The Pi network (Open Mainnet) is not yet open.
The Mainnet is still in the Enclosed Mainnet, and pi cannot be sold for fiat currency.
These adventurers/sellers or buyers should think about their hard-earned accounts, even if they are not afraid of their wallets being blocked. However, once caught, the account will be frozen for a hundred years! Then who would care about them?



🔥The Pi Coin Is 100% Real, NOT a scam!

Date: 27, July 2022 [ We are still at Enclosed Mainnet ]


But there is always an exception. Johnson Lee From MYPI offered to buy 1 Pi = 1 USDT. So, you can sell them anytime if you have mined free Pi coins.  That means the COINS are REAL!

Picked up from Telegram Pi Pioneers hoping new mining Pi Pioneer can learn faster.


*Once again, let me use this opportunity to do some schooling. Especially for those who think Pi is cheap or too expensive to start with $314,159.*

To start with. I will not attempt to compare Pi network with any other coin or token out there because they are no match to *PI NETWORK* except *BITCOIN, the father of Cryptocurrency.*

You will agree that the first and most costly crypto coin right now is Bitcoin (BTC).
Tell me, how many of you can afford to buy one now? How many of you even have the Blockchain account that started Bitcoin? I am sure few, if any.

  1. As big as Bitcoin is, it is web 1 technology.
    *Pi is Web 3 technology*
  2. Bitcoin does not have a centralized KYC.
    *Pi network brought the solution of all-inclusive and cheap KYC that can be globally accessed.*
  3. Bitcoin does not have a social media
    *Pi network is connecting all of us through Chat.*
  4. Bitcoin does not have a Utility
    *Pi has built the best crypto Utility platform ever.*
  5. Bitcoin is risky and can be used by unknown People.
    *Pi network knows all of us by KYC. Safe and secure*
  6. Bitcoin does not have massive support from the grass root.
    *Pi network has the most widely supportive audience, over 37M and still counting.*
  7. Bitcoin took close to 10 years before global recognition.
    *Pi network is less than 4 years and is already known.*
  8. Bitcoin is not stable. From $69,000 to $20,000 and could go lower or higher.
    *Pi network is stable and progressive.*
  9. Bitcoin does not have a face. Unknown soldier.
    *Pi network has a face, and we all know the Core team.*
  10. Bitcoin is expensive to mine and dangerous to our earth.
    *Pi network is eco-friendly. And mining is easy and cheap. Just your phone.*

This is not to say Bitcoin is terrible. But as the founder of the Pi network said. “They have seen the deficiency of Bitcoin and so turn the technology upside down to bring about change.

They will be making life easier for most of us. And liberate us from lousy Government policies and slavery.
Let us support them.

I believe in the Pi network, I love Pi innovation, and I will preach Pi.

[Forwarded from Freddie]
Chill bro. The algorithm says 100 billion coins to be very minted as it is in the white paper. So as transactions are executed, the algorithm adjusts things such as mining rates from the total maximum number of 100 billion. It is not necessarily a market cap in the traditional sense. BTC has no intrinsic value, but Pi will have an intrinsic value because it is backed by time, attention, goods, and services. I hope that makes sense.

[Forwarded from Daberechi]
Who cares if your trust the project
Did you pay a dime to the project?

[Forwarded from Freddie] But the vision of Pi is not to hold? It is to be used every day as a currency. The issue is a mindset. As the White Paper states, you are looking at Pi through your current crypto prism rather than through CT’s prism.

Then you do not understand Pi. CT does not have the power to enforce a price. The community determines the price through our low or high transactional value as recorded by the nodes, and the consensus is formed. The reason for encouraging high consensus is to ensure that the blockchain and nodes can record the consensus; hence the price will arrive.

However, one question is, how does having a low consensus value still help with the restocking issue? And can’t the merchants limit the quantity each Pioneer receives? What about the argument of risk-taking in every business venture?

For example, Tesla and Amazon (just to mention a couple) ran at a loss for many years before becoming profitable. Did it ruin them? The point is that every unknown journey at the beginning always comes with risks, hence the saying, “fortune favours the brave.”

These early adopters, vendors, merchants, etc are taking calculated risks, which is part of doing business, and in the end, they will be better off. The higher the adoption, the higher the value of Pi to come.

Furthermore, this might be thinking laterally because Pi’s value, according to CT, is more than just goods. It will be based on “time and attention, goods and services.” When we focus on just one aspect of provisions of goods, what about the other 3 ingredients that will help determine Pi’s value – time, attention, and services?

Over the past 3 years, we have all contributed to the value of Pi using our “time and attention”, and the enclosed Mainnet provides us with an opportunity to contribute even further with physical goods and services.

If I have a business, I can take a calculated risk of providing goods worth only the amount I am willing to risk. But in terms of services, there is no market cap for that because it depends on human resources and potential. The world’s population is on track to reach 9.5 billion in decades. What is the potential value of a growing world population? Who will only grow the number of human resources and potential?

A low consensus value will only risk the project, as it will make it possible for so-called “crypto whales” to buy large quantities of Pi at low fiat value and thus subject Pi to the usual “pump and dump” cycle. Pi’s vision is not to be exchanged for fiat but to build a new global economy and become a genuine alternative everyday currency.

I hope you see some of the points I am trying to raise.


Global Pi consensus price is 314,159 $



PI coin of Web 3.0 has all the functions of money:
1) World Currency
2) Payment
3) Storage means
4) Means of circulation
5) Value dimensions!

Please cherish the PI coin in your hand! Don’t sell quickly!

Below is the current process of pi
It can also be used as a memo for newcomers to register, check your account, and be sure to keep up with the pace!

1. Register an account: completed
2. Change the name: completed
Choose your mother tongue.
3. Phone verification: completed
Optional Facebook authentication
Please close “personal data”
Hide your real name
Open the Advertising button at the same time
4. Build a safety circle: completed
5. Create a wallet: completed
Switch each other to activate the wallet
Save mnemonic words + set fingerprint
6. Email verification: completed
You can wait for App to accept the invitation.
7. Lock position setting: completed
8. Double App update: completed
Permission to open a mobile phone is allowed.
Double App is bound to each other.
9. Confirm the address of the wallet: completed

10. KYC certification: in progress
11. Mapping wallet: waiting for money
12. Ecological barter: waiting for money
13. The opening of the main network: waiting for you.
14. Turn on the converter: wait for the switch synchronously
15. Pick up the data exchange: wait for the data exchange at the same time

The above “1-9” operation must be completed and can not be delayed; this year will usher in a brilliant moment of pi! Thank you for your help.

Don’t forget to light the lightning!

Pi Network Invite Code – Malpro
To claim your Pi, use the username (malpro) as your invitation code.
Website: https://minepi.com/malpro
Username: MALPRO


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